2009, 26th January - Military Intelligence - Suspicions reported

On the eve of my being attested in to the British army and prior to my giving an oath of loyalty to the British government I reported my very vague suspicions that I had met 'some al Qaeda people’ to MI-5. 

I spoke uninterrupted for a few minutes until I said the Yemeni company name: the moment I said “YemPak” the line clicked and a different voice simply said Carry on”. I did not report any specific concerns about YemPak at that time as my only suspicion had been the clandestine meeting I was taken to on the 26th September 1997.

My principle suspicion in 2009 was that the men I had met (but not spoken to) were dressed in ‘practical clothing’, looking like the photos of 1980’s Mujahideen I had seen. The call handler made no comment nor asked any questions. I have never been contacted by British security services about my claims of having met al Qaeda in Yemen, either during or after my military service with the British army and despite serving on an operational tour in the ‘War on Terror’.

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