1997, 2 December — Brooklyn New York

YemPak diary010b

In December 1997 I gave very specific 9/11 style attack warnings to New Yorkers whilst working at a print factory in Brooklyn. They had asked if I would be visiting the World Trade Centre and I said no, explaining my belief that the same group who bombed the WTC in 1993 would attack again, but this time using hijacked civilian airliners as missiles. My warning raised enough interest for the two machine operators I'd told (pictured below) to call a third man over to hear me repeat my prediction. I now believe that third man to have been Dan Barkochba. This makes Mr. Barkochba the single person whom I can positively identify as having heard my 9/11 attack predictions in detail. When filling in my customer data base entry at the end of the installation the machine operators told me Mr. Barkochba did not work at Ultra Flex but they were vague as to his exact role or as to why he was at the company  when I spoke to him about my fears of a 9/11 style attack on the WTC.

Ultra Creative

I had already warned US airline staff regarding the complete absence of security in June 1997, and passed a very specific warning of a 9/11 style attack to Canadian national security services the next day. My last warning as detailed here was given in New York in December 1997 and was a desperate plea with hope that someone would listen to me; history has proved that I should have spoken more loudly and to more senior people. I did not and that is my burden.

The next morning I visited the Empire State building, literally not daring to go near the WTC for fear of an attack at any moment. These are my photos from Ultra Creative Packaging and the Empire State building, taken on 2nd and 3rd December 1997.

NY 2nd December 1997

My last view of Manhattan, 3rd December 1997

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