1997, 11th June - - Logan airport, USA - Security alert


On Wednesday 11th June I arrived at Logan airport, Boston for a short flight to Toronto. From exiting the taxi at the drop-off point outside to taking my seat in the aircraft I had not under-gone a single security check, not one. No questions, no pat down, no metal detector, no bagage inspection - nothing. 

At the check-in desk I had only been asked to show a credit card in exchange for a boarding pass. There was no passport control that I recall. There was a security desk with a metal detector and baggage inspection machine but they were unmanned and the machines unplugged.

As I handed my boarding pass to the air-steward on the aircraft door I told her of my concerns. I stressed that there had been no security checks within the airport whatsoever. I remember she told me not to worry, and said that was normal. 

As the aircraft climbed and circled I looked towards the unsecured cockpit door just a few metres away and perceived with horror how easily an aircraft could become a missile.

© Anthony C Heaford 2016