1993, 26th February - New York, USA -- Attack on the WTC

The first World Trade Centre bombing: on 26th February 1993 there was an attempted mass-murder in New York city. A bomb placed in the north tower intended to kill 10,000 people by demolishing both World Trade Centre towers. 

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A technically sophisticated thermobaric bomb had been left in a parked rental van in the basement of the north tower. It was not parked close enough to the foundation pillars to topple the tower but it did kill six-people and injured one-thousand more. The US security service's first major investigation lead was when one of the perpetrators went back to the van rental company a week later to demand his $400 cash deposit back after reporting the van stolen.

The attack was claimed by the 'Liberation Army, Fifth Battalion’ in verified letters sent to the press. Their declared motive was US foriegn policy in the Middle East, specifically in relation to Israel. The nationalities of the perpetrators were Pakistani, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Iraqi-American, Jordanian, and three Palestinians.

I remembered the original reports of this attack and reading of the later arrests and trials in the US media. I was very surprised at the apparent lack of reaction to, or interest in the attempted murder of 100,000-people in New York city, and the singling out of the WTC as a primary target of this group.

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