My Personal Message to the Families of Those Murdered on 9/11

by Anthony C Heaford, 08 February 2019

I gave the enemies of the United States of America the key to how to attack the World Trade Centre.

I told them how easy it would be to smuggle weapons on to a commercial flight leaving Logan Airport. 

I explained how easy it would be to access the plane’s cockpit and hijack the plane.

I now believe these conversations were used as the blue print for the attacks of 11 September 2001.

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Your government has been aware of my claims since 2015 and they considered my testimony worthy of sending a team of 9/11 investigators to Manchester, England to interview me in 2018. Their initial contact was via FaceBook.

I subsequently declined their interview request because the US army officer who contacted me, Daniel Futrell, would not discuss witness status with me. I want witness status because I have identified the multi-millionaire Yemeni businessman who introduced me to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other al Qaeda members.

Your government and the 9/11 commission are ignoring my testimony to protecting the Yemeni businessman who introduced me to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Justice for those murdered on 9/11 is being denied to protect your government’s business interests in the Middle East, specifically with Saudi Arabia.

Unless someone can force the Guantanamo Bay court to formally acknowledge my testimony, then this photo represents the closest you will ever get to genuine accountability for the brutal murder of your loved ones.

My full testimony:

© Anthony C Heaford 2016