2014 Oct / Nov, Parliament informed

DSC 16 Oct

I decided to submit my evidence and allegations of British military criminality and negligence that led to the success of the Taliban’s 2012 Camp Bastion attack directly to each and every member of the committee. All correspondence, including the recipient details, are copied in full at the bottom of this page but here is a brief summary of my allegations sent to the parliamentary committee on 16 October 2014:

1. The British army was complicit in production of a Class A drug, opium

2. British military criminality led directly to the success of the attack on Camp Bastion

3. Bully and illegal orders are rife within the British army

Here’s a list of the elected members of parliament, public servants,
who recieved a copy of my 
email of 16 October 2014:

Graham Brady MP (Conservative)
Rory Stewart MP (Conservative)   
James Arbuthnot MP (Conservative)    Thomas Docherty MP (Labour)
Penny Mordaunt MP (Conservative)    John Woodcock MP (Labour)
 Julian Brazier MP (Conservative)    Derek Twigg MP (Labour)
Bob Stewart MP (Conservative)    Gisela Stuart MP (Labour)
Adam Holloway MP (Conservative)    Madeleine Moon MP (Labour)
James Grey MP (Conservative)    
Mr Dai Havard MP (Labour)
Jeffrey Donaldson MP (DUP)     Sandra Osborne MP (SLP)

DSC 16 Oct Rory Stewart

My email of the 16 October 2014 was roundly ignored by every recipient, save for James Arbuhnot MP’s secretary who wrote to say Mr. Arbuthnot was no longer the defence committee chairman and I should instead forward my email to Rory Stewart MP:


Four weeks later I had not received any further response and so after speaking with the defence committee office I forwarded my allegations of grave British military criminality in Helmand to a civil servant and clerk to the committee, a James Rhys. This is that email to Mr. Rhys:

Once Mr. Rhys had been reminded internally that this wasn’t my first communication on the matter he replied, acknowledging my allegations, saying:

DSC 14 Nov Rhys

"Your email was considered by the Committee who noted its contents with considerable interest.

The particular points that you make certainly contribute to the picture of shortcomings in perimeter security at Camp Bastion that emerges from the US report that the Committee considered during the course of this inquiry."

After this battle to submit evidence to parliament I now had the written acknowledgement I wanted. With this confirmation I assumed the matter could no longer be ignored and I waited patiently to hear of a new inquiry being announced on the news. That never happened.

© Anthony C Heaford 2016