2013 November, Philip Hammond

Camp Bastion attack inquiry announced, my evidence submitted

29th October 2013 - after finally hearing on news that there would be a belated parliamentary inquiry in to the Taliban’s 2012 attack on Camp Bastion airfield I contacted my constituency MP Mr.Graham Brady. I wanted to make parliament aware of the criminal failures - corporate manslaughter in my eyes - that led to the deaths of two US-Marines and the destruction of over $400-million of aircraft and equipment during the Taliban’s 14 September attack. This is the first email I sent to a member of parliament on the matter:

Hammond Francois

Corresponding via Mr. Brady, the then armed forces minister Mark Francois MP replied, citing then defence secretary Philip Hammond. In this letter of the 30th November 2013 they announce the result of an inquiry that had only just started.

Mssrs. Francois and Hammond withheld my allegations and testimony from the parliamentary inquiry I had submitted to. They absolved the British command of any responsibility five-months before the parliamentary defence committee published their findings. Bob Stewart MP did the same one year later - acting as a self appointed spokesman for the defence committee he dismissed my evidence submissions and instead accused me of having failed in my duty.

The parliamentary defence committee's inquiry in to the 14 Spetember 2012 attack on Camp Bastion was a shameful whitewash. It was deceived by politicians then lied to by the most senior of British army officers. 

I intend to expose what I believe to be the misconduct-in-public office by the politicians who withheld my evidence from this inquiry. 

Misconduct-in-public office a criminal offence carrying a maximum life-term prison sentence.

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