01.11.17 Yemen: Location of my 1997 Meeting Identified,
by a Town Called Al Qa'idah

On Friday 26th September 1997, enroute to Sanaa international airport for a return flight after a 6-day business visit, I was taken to an unscheduled meeting. I now believe to have been with senior al Qaeda members

These maps show my route and the meeting location. A full report on my visit and assertions is linked below.

al qaeda meeting Friday 26th September 1997

Google Maps Link to al Qa’idah town, Yemen
On the 1st November 2017 I finally identified the location of that 1997 meeting by studying Google Earth images. The meeting place, an isolated collection of buildings is about one mile from a town called al Qa’idah. We followed the route marked in red, through farm fields and then along a dry river bed to the collection of buildings shown in the next photo:

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 23.58.03

Google Maps Link to meeting location
We parked where the first arrow ends, so i only saw about three buildings and was taken in to the first one before being joined by a group of about ten men. Preceding events and this meeting are detailed in my report here:

Statement regarding al Qaeda in Yemen, 1997
7th June 2017

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