22.01.18 British Military Police: Criminally Corrupt, Clownishly Incomputent, or Both?

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The British Miilitary Police doing what they do best: living a charmed life at our expense whilst greasing each others backs and actively ignoring criminal activity within their jurisdiction.

Today i received a letter from the very highest echelons of the British Military Police, from a Colonel Scott Meredith. I can say with confidence that Colonel Meredith of the Provost Marshal’s HQ in Andover is criminally corrupt or possesses the competence of a clown, or quite possibly both. …

18.01.18 British Military Injustice, Presided Over by Government Ministers and Members of Parliament

Misconduct 2

This is a work in progress; a report with further allegations of misconduct against two sitting Tory MPs: 

Ms Anna Soubry MP was the Minister of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare & Veterans
Mr Graham Brady MP is the Chairman of the 1922 Committee & the Cayman Islands Parliamentary Group 

12.01.18 London’s Metropolitan Police Have Now Accepted My Criminal Allegations Against Messrs. Hammond, Francois & Stewart MPs

I first contacted London's Metropolitan Police in September 2017 attempting to report the crimes that I believe to have taken place in Westminster and Whitehall - Parliament and the Ministry of Defence respectively. They refused my evidence submission claiming that because I live in Manchester it was not under their jurisdiction. …

09.01.18 House of Commons Commissioner for Standards Demonstrates her Lack of Standards & Professional Integrity

As detailed in my Misconduct in Public Office report I have incontrovertible proof of criminal behaviour by Government Ministers and Members of Parliament. The crime that has been committed is misconduct in public office, an offence that carries a maximum life term. …

05.01.18 Report Publication: Misconduct in Public Office

Based on evidence recorded in correspondence with British members of parliament Mark Francois, Philip Hammond and Bob Stewart I can make the following charges against these alledged miscreants with confidence; they all wilfully behaved in breach of the duties assigned to them in the course of the public offices they held.

28.12.17 Report Publication: Eight Criminal Charges Against the Most Senior British Military Command

In the course of my military service with the British army in Helmand, Afghanistan I witnessed or became aware of  deliberate criminal orders, actions and intentions from the most senior British command. I believe the criminal activity of these senior officers resulted in the failure of the mission and the deaths of ISAF personnel.

22.12.17 Report Publication: British military procurement lies, corruption, incompetence and corporate manslaughter

Part I: Lies

Kit shortages and equipment failures were a constant theme of the British military campaign in Afghanistan - soldiers died needlessly for want of the right kit. From my first-hand evidence gathered in Helmand 2012 I can prove that these shortages and failures were a consequence of a criminally incomputent and corrupt procurement system. …

04.12.17 UPDATED Military Police Re-examine Eight Criminal Allegations

The British military police Professional Standards and Review branch are now re-examining the original investigation and dismissal of my eight criminal charges made against the most senior British military and political command for their conduct during our invasion and occupation of Helmand province, Afghanistan.

06.11.17 RT News Interview: Foxhound Vehicle Failures & Procurement Corruption

Sept 2012 - Defence Secretary Philip Hammond Was Lied To During Afghan Visit, Told Non-Task Worthy Vehicles Were Task Worthy.

Myself specifically, the light vehicles platoon and i assume the whole equipment support battalion deliberately deceived a government minister. …

02.11.17 War Crimes Commited in Afghanistan Investigation Request by ICC

"Today, the Situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been assigned to a Pre-Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court ('ICC' or the 'Court'), following my decision to request authorisation to open an investigation into crimes alleged to have been committed in connection with the armed conflict in that State."

01.11.17 Yemen: Location of my 1997 Meeting Identified, Besides a Town Called Al Qa'idah

al Qa'idah 1 copy

On Friday 26th September 1997 whilst enroute from Taiz city to Yemen's international airport in Sanaa I was taken to an unscheduled meeting. I now believe that meeting was with senior al Qaeda members following very specific conversations I had in Taiz over the previous week. …

13.09.17 RT News Interview: Equipment Failures & Liability

My RT News interview regarding British equipment failures and excuses

Ministry of Defence​ spent £750,000 on legal fees attempting to distance itself from responsibility of the deaths of soliders in army landrovers - nicknamed 'mobile coffins' - in Iraq and Afghanistan.

23.08.17 RT News Interview: New US Policy for Afghanistan

My RT News interview following the new US policy statement for Afghanistan: 

"Afghanistan veteran: there can be no military solution to this conflict
We spoke to Anthony Heaford after POTUS announces an expansion of operations in Afghanistan"

03.08.17 Report Publication: My Allegations of British War Crimes

My Report Publication: Allegations of British War Crimes 

"It was in the cool of the Afghan night as we prepared for a 4 a.m. departure from
Camp Bastion on a combat logistic patrol that we were called over for a final briefing.

24.04.17 The ICC Accepts My Allegations of British War Crimes

The International Criminal Court Accepts My Evidence Submission

The ICC has accepted my evidence submission for preliminary examination, specifically our orders to use mini-flares as an offensive weapon against Afghan children. …

27.03.17 RT News Interview: The Fall of Sangin

My Rt News Interview Following The Fall Of Sangin

An RT News interview following the fall of Sangin District Centre to Taliban forces. 

Sangin is in the north of Helmand, leaving only the provincial capital Lashkar Gah and the

16.03.17 British military police formally acknowledge my allegations

The Rmp Formally Acknowledge My Criminal Allegations

The Royal Military Police finally acknowledge my criminal charges against the most senior command, ranging from complicity in the production of a Class A drug to their failure to secure Camp Bastion airfield.

04.01.17 Report Publication: Camp Bastion Attack

My Report Publication: Camp Bastion Attack

"It was just after 10pm on a Friday when the first shots of the battle of Bastion rang out...
A few moments later a fireball lit the moonless night sky, silhouetting the airfield as a dense 

27.09.16 RT News Interview: Accountability of the Senior Command

My Rt News Interview Calling For Accountability Of The Most Senior Command

"Blair under fire for being ‘sorry’ for troops accused of war crimes.
RT UK speaks to Afghan Veteran, Anthony Heaford.

"Blair under fire for being ‘sorry’ for troops accused of war crime

12.08.16 Parliament's refusals to re-open the Camp Bastion Attack Inquiry

Parliament's Refusals To Re-Open The Camp Bastion Attack Inquiry

A final refusal from the Defence Committee to re-open the Camp Bastion attack inquiry, despite my persistent efforts to present new evidence, suggesting a cover-up in the original inquest.

23.08.15 Global Research Published My First Report: NATO Complicity in Opium Production

The Global Research website publish my first public report, detailing NATO guarding opium harvesting besides Camp Bastion In April 2012, from poppies we had irrigated on Afghan government land:

Link to report: https://www.globalresearch.ca/afghan-opium-harvesting-protected-by-british-occupation-forces/5470988

06.06.15 Private Eye Magazine Loses all Credibility,Publishing Lies and Dis-Information to Protect the MoD

In 2015 I passed detailed first-hand information to Private Eye magazine, including photos and allegations of British military complicity in the production of a class A drug. I was stunned when they published a report entitled: 

16.04.14 Parliamentary Inquiry Whitewash Published

The Defence Committee Release Camp Bastion Attack Inquiry

The five month parliamentary committee inquiry released their finds, concluding:

"The MoD has been obstructive and unhelpful to us as we tried to 
establish the facts surrounding the attack.

30.1.13 Defence Secretary Withold’s Evidence from Inquiry

My first-hand, evidence based testimony about British failures to defend Camp Bastion were withheld from a Defence Select Committee Inquiry in to the attack on Camp Bastion airfield.

Philip Hammond & Mark Francois MPs, serving as Defence Secretary and Minister for Veterans respectively, both appear to willfully withhold critical evidence, my testimony, from the Parliamentary Inquiry in to the attack on Camp Bastion airfield, of 14th September 2012:

25.10.13 British Parliament Announce an Inquiry

House of Commons Defence Committee Commence a British Inquiry into the 14th September 2012 Airfield Raid.

 "We held an oral evidence session on 17 December 2013 in which we took evidence from the Chief of Joint Operations and senior officials from the Ministry of Defence. …

24.10.13 Killed Marine’s Mother Writes an Open Letter

The mother of one of the troops killed in the Camp Bastion attack,
condemns the British Army’s complacency in an open letter:

"Dodging blame is the only concern of UK military leaders"

Link to report: www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/dodging-blame-is-the-only-concern-of-uk-military-leaders-8902476.html

01.10.13 US Central Command Publish Attack Report

US Central Command Declassify Their Camp Bastion Attack Report

Following the relief of two generals held responsible in the 2012 attack on Camp Bastion, the Marine Corps has declassified and released the findings of the 19th August 2013 investigation. 

14.09.12 Camp Bastion Attack

The Battle of Bastion Airfield

It was the morning after the Taliban airfield raid that we walked in extended line in the noon day heat, searching alongside the runway for battle debris before flights could resume. That was the moment my dreams of a British army career ended abruptly. …

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